About Us

We promise comfort and commit to warmth in each bite of our premium Lahori dishes, giving you the taste of home. Revive the memories and rediscover your hometown flavour with our delicious menu. Try our famous disease to get the feeling of your hometown.

The Authentic Flavors from Pakistani food

Lahore Premium Kabab House promises your hometown's warmth, connecting you to the root spices of the streets of Lahori food. Our Chefs are highly trained in Pakistani cuisine recipes, bringing you the flavours you crave in Markham.

Special Events & Catering in Pakistani Style

We make you feel the comfort of your hometown street, catering to the needs of your desired occasions. Here in Markham, we deliver the seasonings of Lahore, offering you the mouthwatering fragrances of desi dishes on your plate.

Freshness Guaranteed

We maintain the quality resonated by the freshness of our dishes. Our high-quality ingredients are sourced from local marketplaces, replicating Lahore flavours' natural and pleasant touch. We meticulously blend the ingredients, delivering an authentic aroma of fresh flavours.

Winning Hearts, One Customer at a Time